Worst egg hunt ever.



This is the tale I hope to be able to tell every time I get my thyroid biopsied.

iClouding My Judgement

Today I was reminded why I stayed away from Apple products for so long.

When I received my iPhone as a gift, I was a bit scared. I’m the type of person who never downloads anything. My music all comes from CDs or from the iTunes store, purchased with an iTunes gift card. My iPhone apps are limited and minor. I’m pretty sure the only videos I’ve ever watched illegally are episodes of HBO’s Girls which can’t be punishable under any court of law that has seen that show.

But, after treating myself to a download of Tetris about a week ago, I started thinking downloading wasn’t so difficult or poisonous. So when my iPhone asked me this morning if I wanted to download an update to iOS6, I said, “Sure!” And then when iOS6 asked me if I wanted to sync my contacts with iPhone, I said, “Why not?! THIS SHIT IS GREAT!”

Because I never set up iCloud to begin with, that’s why I should have thought “not.” You’d think that the contacts in the phone would download to iCloud after I signed in with my Apple ID (which I saw as setting up my account), but instead my contacts all disappeared. My text messages were still intact, but were no longer from people I knew, but rather were sent from unknown numbers.

After the day of not finding a straight answer online for how to get my contacts back, I came across a very seemingly logical comment that basically said that I should have had iCloud already set up before syncing my contacts with it in order not to lose them all.

Luckily, I backed up my iPhone on iTunes back in November, so I could restore contacts through there. This also means that I restored November’s text messages, which has been making me very confused. It also restored November’s pictures so all the time I spent taking pictures in the bookstore for work this weekend has gone down the drain. Sadly, I have also officially lost the phone numbers I’ve acquired since November. Not that I’ve put in a lot of numbers since then, but now I’m paranoid because I don’t know WHOSE numbers I don’t have. Plus, I now have no way of contacting that girl from New Year’s Eve who I finished the bottle of Maker’s with in the bathroom while having a heart-to-heart. These things could potentially be very, very vital to the progress of my life.

At least I still have Tetris. But I’m seriously considering keeping an old school address book from now on.

Yes, I’m Still Alive

I’ve had a post-it on my dresser for a while and it basically sums up how uneventful my life has been:

How I Spent My Summer

-reorganizing my room
-rediscovering brain puzzles
-playing with nail polish
-working out a eating junk, therefore staying unhealthy
-learning how to do things via Pinterest, therefore accumulating supplies with the belief that I can turn anything into something

I sure hope that wasn’t all my summer consisted of, though my closet certainly is filled with a shitload of unnecessary items that I probably could have just thrown away (ex: old maps, large foam dice, a broken kitchen timer).

I have also accumulated three jobs and a lot of general life confusion, which is probably why I’ve ended up writing on this blog again after a year even though I’ve been swearing that my lowly paid internships (they’re not calling themselves internships anymore, but I still like to call them internships because it makes them seem more legal and rational) have given me enough time to spend online doing social media things like blogs and Twitter and Facebook. This continuous exposure has made me sick of my own social media accounts, even to the point that I don’t even stress out about not going on Facebook everyday to see whose birthday it is (something I used to care about because I really do want people to have genuinely happy birthdays). But then again, on my own blog I get to complain about my own things and I don’t have to edit any of the writing even though I probably will at some point [please note: this entry originally began with a paragraph that was later deleted], so that’s something different and it’s good enough for me.

And since “different” and “new” go along with the new year, I’m going to write down my list of New Year’s Resolutions because that’s a thing that people do.

Things to Do in 2013

-wear more lipstick
-consider grad school
-read a bunch of books that you’ve been wanting to read, and then some
-get your abs back
-drink more water, drink less booze (I think “drink booze less often” can qualify)
-eat less everything
-learn how to unawkwardly make eye contact with people when not engaged in conversation
-figure out what you want to do with your life
-make steps towards moving back to the city
-but in the meantime, finish decorating your room
-don’t buy clothes you don’t need
-play something new on the piano and/or actually learn how to play the guitar
-stop forgetting everything ever / improve memory
-learn the secret to falling asleep before the stage of complete exhaustion
-stop cutting your bangs crookedly / pay for a haircut
-get a full-time job doing something actually related to what you like and want

So far, I’ve been wearing more lipstick and I trusted myself enough with remembering a phone number today that I actually dialed it before triple-checking the number. Oh, and I made eye contact with a girl on a train on Tuesday when I was on the platform and she was on the train and it was not awkward and I’m pretty sure that in that moment we bonded over how tired we were taking public transportation at that hour.

Oh, AND . . .

-write more (for the hell of it)

There. That’s a start.